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Zet Universe

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Zet Universe platform (cloud + client) enables Data Integration, Organization, Search, and Analysis of the end user and enterprise content. Zet Universe Platform implements the following essential functions:

  • [both] Store user-defined metadata (projects) and data (from external data sources)

  • [both] Aggregate data from external data sources into user-defined projects

  • [both] Analyze (derive and extract) meaningful kinds and properties from data

  • [both] Index kinds and properties

  • [both] Annotate kinds with (semantic) markup

  • [client] Search kinds using terms, phrases, time intervals, locations, and exemplars

  • [both] Enable collaborative work on user-defined projects

  • [cloud] Map user-defined knowledge graphs together

  • [cloud] Build and grow unified enterprise knowledge graph

  • [both] Manage system state, configuration, performance, and other administrative tasks

  • [both] Act on kinds in semantically appropriate ways

This section presents a high-level overview of Zet Universe and explains these benefits in more details.

In This Section
  • Zet Universe Technical Requirements Document - Zet Universe offers users flexible ways to organize data into knowledge. This enables users to organize and explore data more efficiently and productively. This topic provides a high-level overview of technical requirements used to define and build Zet Universe.

  • Zet Universe System Architecture - Zet Universe has a modular and extensible architecture built on simple plugins ready for data integration, semantic processing, and rich visual interaction and exploration. This topic provides a high-level overview of these technologies.

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