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Topic Tree
Zet Universe

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

The core of the Zet Universe Semantic Information Processor is the Topic Tree with the associated Topic Queue Service, which is a dynamically formed queue of all major changes to the entities.

The Topic Tree

The Topic Tree is used as the central notification system which is used by all plugins to drive data import, analysis, and enrichness processes. It is extendable; that is, each plugin can define its own topics and subtopics, and use them as the way to communicate with other plugins, building a custom pipeline.






Entities that link to files identified as text-containing documents


Entities that link to yet unidentified files


Entities that link to web pages



Entities for which associated stream a full text has been successfully extracted


Entities which Title has been updated


Entities which Thumbnail has been updated


Entities which list of Keyphrases has been updated



Entities for which their kind has been identified


Visual cluster entities that have been updated


Entities that link to web pages, and which web pages' content has been downloaded for further indexing and analysis


Entities that got new relationships (e.g., to mentioned entities)



A notification for new Semantic Action Entries that have been created

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