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Zet Universe Ontology and Kinds
Zet Universe

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Zet Universe has an active semantic storage platform based on a semantic model that is the organizational framework for Zet Universe data types. The various types and relationships of the data model make it possible to store metadata information about such objects as Documents, People, Pictures, Videos, and so on, and to interact with these items programmatically in a unified way. You can define relationships among items and use Relationship objects to find and act upon them, adding people, deleting pictures, and so on.

In This Section
  • Ontology: Origins and Hierarchy - This topic dives into the origins of the term Ontology and introduces the use of hierarchy as the way to define Ontology.

  • Building Blocks - This topic describes the building blocks used by Zet Universe to define elements of the Ontology.

  • Entities and Kinds - Knowledge within the Zet Universe is represented as entities on storage level and kinds on ontology level. This topic provides a high-level overview of these fundamental elements of the Zet Universe Platform.

  • Properties and Relationships - Kinds, Properties, and Relationships are the building blocks used to form the Zet Universe Ontology. In this topic, the remaining two building blocks, Properties and Relationships, are discussed.

  • Built-in Kinds - Although Zet Universe is agnostic to the data models of its users, it brings the list of the built-in Kinds that bring familiar concepts of the everyday things.

  • Extending Ontology - Kinds, Properties, and Relationships are the foundational elements of the Zet Universe Ontology, and as developer you can introduce new Kinds, Properties, and Relationships to form ontologies for the custom domains.

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