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Zet Universe Samples
Zet Universe

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

The Zet Universe SDK includes samples that demonstrate Zet Universe features.

The topics in this section provide explanations and instructions for running each sample.

In This Section
  • Processor Motivating Example - The Zet Universe stores and indexes the user’s local content, subscriptions, visited web pages and content shared by their friends (via the corresponding plugins). As a result, a developer who specializes in new ways of indexing data or classifying data would want to write a plug-in that will be reliably loaded and invoked when content is added into the Semantic Processing Pipeline. For example, an entity extraction plug-in can be registered for /Content/FullText/ and automatically extract and link Kinds from the full-text previously extracted from the corresponding kinds that can be later used in search.

  • App Motivating Example - Default installation of Zet Universe is capable of storing and indexing manually provided user's local content stored in the local folders and (optionally) in the synchronized Dropbox folder. To enable Zet Universe to work with custom external data sources, a developer would want to write a plug-in that will be reliably loaded and will enable user to import data from the custom data source, such as Excel spreadsheet, or a Gmail tasks.

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