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Zet Universe APIs
Zet Universe

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

The Zet Universe APIs are the primary way to programmatically interact with the information stored in the Zet Universe knowledge system. From this point of view, the Zet Universe APIs function as an object-relational and persistence framework optimized for client-side computing. This section provides extensive information, both introductory and advanced, about programming Zet Universe.


The Zet Universe exposes its features through a set of well-defined public interfaces. These cover high-level operations, such as Search, the pub/sub plug-in model provided by the Semantic Pipeline Processor, and the Kinds contained within the Models accessible as part of the so-called System Information Model. Together, these APIs allow external developers, web developers and ISVs to access and manipulate the data stored in Zet Universe.

The functionality exposed by the public APIs include:

  • CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) support for operations on Kinds, Properties, Relationships, Models.

  • Search

  • Subscribe, unsubscribe, publish and retract

  • Registering and unregistering different types of plug-ins (apps and processors)

These functionalities are provided in several different interfaces:

  • ZU.Core.Developer.dll: A CLS-compliant .NET class library for applications.

  • Zet Universe Cloud Sync Platform: REST APIs for data storage, sync, and collaboration (planned).

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